Payment and Insurance

Currently, I am only in-network with a single plan - The Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP). If you are not a Duke student covered by this plan, we have the option of submitting a claim for our sessions as an out-of-network provider. However, we should discuss the benefits and drawbacks of doing this before proceeding.

Cash Pay

My fee is $130 per session. Each session lasts 50 - 55 minutes. When possible, I prefer for our first session to be 90-minutes so that we can cover more of your story. If we do decide to meet for 90-minutes, first sessions are billed at $195. If we determine that you do want to proceed with submitting these sessions to insurance, I will provide you with a receipt that includes my provider information, the cost of the sessions, and your diagnoses. You can send that to your insurance provider, and they may reimburse you for a portion of your out-of-pocket costs.

The Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan

If you are a Duke student covered under this plan, you are responsible for a $25 copay at each session. 


E-mail can provide a way to express thoughts and feelings between sessions. I always read e-mail that I receive from clients, and I try to respond within 24-hours. Some people find that they can write things in e-mail that they have trouble saying in session. Or, things arise during the week that feel urgent enough to warrant a therapeutic consultation. In those cases, e-mail becomes an important part of the therapy, and I will speak with you about billing for that time. I won't bill for time spent on e-mail unless you and I discussed those arragements.